International Big Wave Lifeguard program
Haiku, Hawaii, United States
Big Wave surf spots Nazaré, Portugal and Puerto Escondido, Mexico have lifeguards that need fuel, vehicles, Jet Ski rescue equipment and medical gear to keep up with the Surfers. I will personally organize what these lifeguards need, purchase all equipment, and update receipts with pictures. Aloha
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David Langer
United States
Flexible Goal
raised of $10,000 goal

Project Story


Hi I’m Dave Langer.


I’ve Been surfing Puerto Escondido all my life and moved to Nazaré five years ago. I use a Jet Ski to surf and rescue teammates in big waves and since the lifeguards use Jet Skis, we work with them in Nazaré and Puerto Escondido. We get to see their downfalls with equipment, and want to help them obtain specific items that will make surfing in the world’s biggest and best waves, safer for all involved☺️🏄🏽‍♂️


Use of Funds

Here is an itemized list of my anticipated expenses for this project:

ATV quad for the Nazaré lifeguards
$ 5,000
Professional equipment
$ 5,000
$ 10,000

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